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Bartholomew Bean: Song Writer, Singer, Humorist
Family Photo Album
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Here are some photos of Bartholomew Bean as himself and as a performer in his various modes and goals. >


Bartholomew Bean



Bartholomew performing his politically incorrect PATRIOT ACT.

This is a frame lifted directly from the DVD, Bartholomew Bean Presents, "THE PATRIOT ACT". Performed at "THE BLUE NOTE" in Columbia, Missouri.


Bartholomew Bean in his TRICENTENNIAL EXPRESS.

This is the TRICENTENNIAL EXPRESS. The spaceship on top has faces of notable people looking out the windows. They range from John F. Kennedy to Albert Einstein. Oridinally it had a dome on top with Mickey Mouse as the pilot. Orginally built as a luggage carrier from two boat bottoms provided by friend Douglas Wiles it was later developed into an art project in Philadelphia. Places visited that summer of 1983, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and Connecticut. Presently, the vehicle is stored on Bean's farm in Northeast Missouri.


Dally Rues (1964)

This is Bean's first band experience. Playing with the DALLY RUES at the Sandburr Dance in Memphis, Missouri, Spring 1964? Left to right: Buddy Wilson, Johnnie Lowe, Bartholomew bean, Jim Hendricks.

Certified Public Nuisance